How Long Is a Lacrosse Stick: Best Understanding

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When it comes to playing lacrosse, one of the most important equipment you’ll need is a lacrosse stick. But how long is a lacrosse stick? The answer depends on several factors, including your field position and personal preferences.

A shorter stick is generally preferred for offensive players, allowing for better control and maneuverability. According to NCAA regulations, men’s offensive sticks (including the head) should be between 40 and 42 inches long. Women’s sticks are typically shorter, ranging from 35-½ to 43-¼ inches. Goalies have more flexibility, with options ranging from 40 to 72 inches. On the other hand, defensemen typically use longer sticks for added reach and defensive capabilities, between 52 and 72 inches long.

Ultimately, the length of your lacrosse stick will come down to your individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re an offensive player looking for greater control or a defenseman seeking added reach, there is a stick length that will work best for you. By understanding the regulations and guidelines for stick length and experimenting with different lengths to find what works best for you, you can ensure that you have the right equipment to take your game to the next level.

Lacrosse Stick Size Chart

How long is a lacrosse stick? The right size stick can help you improve your performance and make you feel more comfortable on the field. Here is a lacrosse stick size chart to help you choose the right size for you:

Boys’ Lacrosse Stick Size Chart

Player PositionStick Length
Attack40-42 inches
Midfield40-42 inches
Defense52-72 inches
Goalie40-72 inches

Boys’ lacrosse sticks have specific length requirements for each position. Attack and midfield players can use a stick that is 40-42 inches long. Defensemen can use a stick between 52-72 inches long. Goalies have the most flexibility and can use a stick that is 40-72 inches long.

Girls’ Lacrosse Stick Size Chart

Player PositionStick Length
Attack35.5-43.25 inches
Midfield35.5-43.25 inches
Defense35.5-43.25 inches
Goalie35.5-48 inches

Girls’ lacrosse sticks are shorter than boys’ sticks and have specific length requirements for each position. Attack, midfield, and defense players can use a stick that is 35.5-43.25 inches long. Goalies can use a stick that is 35.5-48 inches long.

How Long Is a Lacrosse Stick for Goalie

As a goalie in lacrosse, your stick must meet certain length requirements. According to the rules, your stick must be between 40 and 72 inches in length when measured from the bottom of the stick to the top of the head. This is longer than the average player’s stick due to the fact that goalies need to clear the ball farther than other players.

When choosing the right length for your goalie stick, remember that the ideal shaft length for a goalie is 40 inches without the head. This gives you the extra length you need to make those long clears. However, the head’s length can also impact your stick’s overall length.

The head of a goalie stick is larger than the head of a typical lacrosse stick. In men’s lacrosse, the head of the stick must be between 10 and 12 inches wide under NCAA rules or up to 15 inches wide under FIL rules. The head has a triangular shape and is designed to help you make saves.

Here is a table summarizing the length requirements for a lacrosse goalie stick:

Minimum length40 inches
Maximum length72 inches
Ideal shaft length40 inches
Head width (NCAA)10-12 inches
Head width (FIL)Up to 15 inches

It’s important to note that these are just guidelines and that the length of your stick ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some goalies prefer a longer stick for added reach, while others prefer a shorter stick for better control.

Defensive Lacrosse Stick Length

How long is a lacrosse stick for defense? It depends. As specified by the rules, defensemen can have a stick length anywhere between 52 to 72 inches long. Typically, the total combined length of the long pole should be the same height as the player. If you are 5’10”, then your lacrosse shaft should measure 60 inches with the addition of a 10-inch head that combines for a total of 70 inches.

The length of a defensive lacrosse stick is crucial for blocking opponents’ shots and checking their passes, making it an essential tool for any defender on the field. A longer stick can provide more reach, allowing you to poke check and disrupt your opponent’s movements. However, a long stick can also be more challenging to control, so finding the right balance between length and maneuverability is important.

When choosing a defensive lacrosse stick, it’s essential to consider your position and playing style. If you prefer a more aggressive style of play, a shorter stick may be more suitable as it allows for quicker movements and easier transitions between offensive and defensive play. On the other hand, if you prefer a more defensive approach, a longer stick may be more effective for blocking shots and intercepting passes.

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How Long is a Lacrosse Stick for Attackmen

For attackmen, the rules specify that the stick must have a length between 40 and 42 inches, including the shaft and the head. The head’s width should also be somewhere between 6.5 inches and 10 inches.

The length limit for the attack stick includes the shaft and the head. The shaft must be at least 30 inches long, and the head must be between 6.5 and 10 inches wide. The attack stick is shorter than the midfield and defense sticks, making it easier to control and maneuver quickly.

The attack stick’s length is crucial because it affects how you play the game. If the stick is too long, you may have trouble controlling it; if it’s too short, you may not have enough power when shooting.

You should consider your height and playing style to determine the right length for your attack stick. If you’re a taller player, you may want to go with a longer stick; if you’re shorter, a shorter stick may be more comfortable. Additionally, if you prefer a faster playing style, a shorter stick may be better for you, while a longer stick may be better for players who prefer a more powerful shot.

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How Long is a Lacrosse Stick for Middie

According to the rules, a middie stick can range from 52 to 72 inches long. However, most middies prefer a stick that is around 40 to 42 inches long. This length allows for greater control and maneuverability when handling the ball.

When choosing the length of your stick, consider your height and playing style. A shorter stick may be better for players who prefer a quicker, more agile playstyle, while a longer stick may be better for players who rely more on their reach and defensive abilities.

In addition to the length of your stick, you’ll also need to consider the width of the head. The head of your stick should be between 6.5 and 10 inches wide, depending on your position and playing style. A wider head can help with catching and cradling the ball, while a narrower head can offer greater accuracy and control when shooting.

It’s important to note that the rules also require the shaft of your stick to be at least 30 inches long. This ensures that the stick is long enough to be used effectively as a defensive weapon.

Can You Cut the Lacrosse Stick?

Yes, it is possible to cut a lacrosse stick. Cutting a lacrosse stick can be beneficial for players as it allows them to adjust the shape of the stick to fit their playing style, which can improve accuracy and overall performance. In fact, making strategic changes to a lacrosse stick by cutting it can result in multiple advantages and give players an extra tool at no additional cost.

To cut a lacrosse stick, one will need a saw (such as a hacksaw or jigsaw), sandpaper or a sanding block, a measuring tape or ruler, a marker or pen, and a vise or clamp (optional). However, be careful when cutting a lacrosse stick as not only could one possibly hurt themselves, but there is also no going back once the cut has been made.

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In conclusion, you may understand how long is a lacrosse stick now. The length of a lacrosse stick can vary depending on the position of the player and their personal preference. Attack and midfield players typically use shorter sticks, while defensemen and goalies use longer sticks. It’s important to choose a stick that feels comfortable and allows for good control and accuracy. By considering the factors that determine the appropriate stick length, such as position, height, and playing style, players can find the right stick to help them succeed on the field.

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